Weight Loss Training
Some people go to the gym seeking to gain muscle, and others are fitness training to lose weight. How many times have you started an exercise plan or a diet with the only goal of losing a few pounds? How many times have you had success, only to soon after regain the weight you lost? The truth is, genetics play a huge role in where we hold onto the fat on our bodies, but at Competitive Edge Athletics we have the knowledge, experience, training equipment and certified experts to help you Defy your DNA and Meet your Weight Loss goals.
Training and Weight Loss: Success with Expert Nutrition Counseling and Fitness Training
So many factors play into the science of this weight management balance, it is only wise to seek out a training and weight loss professional if you want lasting results. Hormones like leptin for example, cause obese muscle to become lean, but in humans high amounts of leptin can be cancelled out by other chemicals involved in dieting. What works for one person to help them get fit may not work in another, because our fat storage and fat burning rates vary. An effective weight loss trainer provides nutrition counseling that supports both your workout regimen and your weight loss goals, and customizes your workout routine to match your fitness needs. For some people a fat-deficient diet that helps many to lose weight can cause their body to have the opposite reaction, storing fat. Your trainer works on your body's strengths and weaknesses when designing an exercise plan, and helps you improve and then maintain a healthy metabolism.
Most people need a balanced approach to meet their weight loss goals, not extremes. Of course all diets stagnate without the proper training to go with them. Are you using the right balance of nutrition and fitness training for weight loss?
The Competitive Edge Athletics Weight Loss Trainers are Both Fitness and Nutrition Experts.
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