Strength & Conditioning Programs in Port Washington
Most people who perform regular workouts assume they are doing their best to build muscle in the gym, yet they have no scientific plan of attack. Training without the right knowledge and direction is like building a house without an engineer's blueprint. Results will be mediocre at best.

Even worse, an overwhelming majority of gym-goers never formally record their progress. And if you don't know where you've been, you'll never know where you're going.
Strategic Success
Planned Results
Training Guidelines
> Frequency of training
> Recording your workout
> Dynamic warm-up
> Cardiovascular Exercise
Which Target Heart Rate Should I Use?
There are three primary THR ranges you can use, depending on your fitness goals:
* Low Intensity (60-70% of Max Heart Rate)
* Medium Intensity (70-80% of HR Max)
* High Intensity (80% of HR Max and Above)
Flexibility Exercise
Active Rest
> Resisitance Training
> Core Exercises
> Cardiovascular Exercises
> Flexibility Exercices
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