Kickboxing Workout and Kickboxing Classes Port Washington
The kickboxing workout at Competitive Edge Athletics is not just our usual boxing routine with some kicks thrown in. Our intense kickboxing classes are a dynamic cardio experience that combines boxing, kickboxing, core strengthening, and toning and sculpting routines.
You will build muscle, strength, and confidence with our kickboxing workout, designed to burn 1,000 calories when performed at peak intensity. Trust us, once you've been to one of our signature kickboxing classes, you will know what it means to push yourself to success.
Ready to tackle a kickboxing class at Competitive Edge Athletics?
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The Kickboxing Workout in Port Washington, NY
Join our Kickboxing Classes and here is what you will experience:
15 Minute Warm-Up
First up, you will learn to properly wrap your hands so you won’t injure yourself later as you work the bags. Then, you will lay the proper foundation for your kickboxing workout by performing a series of stretches to get your body limber and ready for the intense cardio to come.
30 Minute Kickboxing Workout
With the warm-up concluded, your trainer will go over kickboxing and boxing fundamentals, including front kicks, roundhouses, back kicks, jabs, crosses, and hooks. You will feel the burn as you tone and strengthen your arm with every punch and kick!
15 Minute Wrap-Up
After your 30 minute kickboxing workout, you will do a series of innovative toning and sculpting exercises. They help you cool-down, but still engage multiple muscle groups and boost your core strength.
A Kickboxing Workout Anyone Will Enjoy
At Competitive Edge Athletics, we encourage all our members to Hit It Hard. You can adjust the intensity of your kickboxing workout as needed to fit your health goals and current fitness level. With each hour-long kickboxing workout, youwill see your pounds and inches melting away fast.
Contact Competitive Edge Athletics at 516-801-6170.
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