Competitive Edge Class Description
Effective Monday September 12, 2016
Monday – Power Kickboxing / Six Pack ABS
Cardio warm-up
8 rounds of kickboxing
15 mins of core work
Tuesday – Pure Strength / Six Pack ABS
3-5 mins of weight circuits (using heavier dumbbells)
Followed by 1 minute of cardio (rope, squats, etc)
15 mins of core work
Wednesday – Boxing Conditioning
Warm up – shadow box, jumping jacks, squats etc
4 rounds boxing, 4 rounds conditioning (alternating)
Conditioning includes burpees, bear crawls, ball slams
Thursday – George Blazes Boot Camp
45 minutes of circuits including pull ups, sledge hammer, prowler, sand bag pulls, surge machine, rope machine, and versa climber.
Finish last 15 minutes with core work
Friday – Power Punch Boxing and Kettle Bells
Warm-up with jump rope, shadow boxing, fast punches, and Burpees
Strict boxing rounds, working on head movement, footwork etc
Add in squats or leg moves during minute of rest
Saturday and Sunday – Total Body Meltdown
1 hour of boxing, kick boxing and calisthenics
Total body workout
Contact Competitive Edge Athletics at 516-801-6170.
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